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Seance 265 05.03.2007

playlist 05.03.2007

Foundation Hope - Confined In Weary [The Faded Reveries, Cold Meat Industry 2006]
Foundation Hope - Channelling Hope And Fear [The Faded Reveries, Cold Meat Industry 2006]
The Protagonist - La Fin De La Journée [Songs of Experience, Cold Meat Industry 2005]
L.E.A.K. - Untitled 9 [The Old Teahouse, Cold Meat Industry 2001]
Necrophorus - Arcane Angelicum [Perception Multiplied, Multiplicity Unified compilation, Cold Meat Industry 2001]
Raison D´Etre - Saivo II [Lost Fragments, Cold Meat Industry 2002]
Morthound - Shrivatsa [Karmanik Collection compilation, Cold Meat Industry 1993]

Label page: http://www.coldmeat.se

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Seance_N265_2007.03.05.mp3 - 128 kbps47.16 Мб106.43
Seance_N265_2007.03.05_32kbps.mp311.79 Мб61.02

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