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ФМ Достоевский 427 от 28.05.2005

PLAYLIST #427 28.05.2005

1 the detroit cobras (usa) "now you're gone" CD "baby" (rough trade)
2 pascal of bollywood (france/india) "evening in paris" CD "pascal of bollywood" (naive)
3 music am (uk/germany) "supercharger" CD "a heart and two stars" (q'mass)
mogwai/to rococo rot collaboration
4 carol lipnik & spookarama (usa) "i don't know how to stop" CD "hope street" (mermaid alley)
5 jan mayen (iceland) "nonsense" CD "home of the free indeed" (smekkleysa)
6 matato'a (rapa nui-easter island) "mana ma'ohi" CD "tatoo" (tupuna)
7 ak-momo (sweden) "women to control" CD "return to ny" (exergy)
8 the devil in miss jones (russia) "half an hour is for free" CD "wakka chikka wakka chikka" (comfort stand)
porn music for the masses compilation
9 frog eyes (canada) "new tappy is heard and beheld" CD "the folded palm" (absolutely kosher)
10 marz (germany) "forever never" CD "wir sind hier" (karaoke kalk)
11 juana molina (mexico/usa) "insensible" CD "tres cosas" (domino)
12 the emperor machine (uk) "the tv extra band" CD "aimee tallulah is hypnotised" (dc)
13 sir millard mulch (usa) "the boy with the perfectrly square butthole" CD "50 intellectually stimulating themes from a cheap amusement park for robots and aliens" (ed furniture)
14 future pilot aka (uk/usa/japan) "dammers or czukay?" CD "salute your soul" (geographic)
15 chiki liki tu-a (slovakia) "vobec" CD "chod'te sa hrat pred vlastni uchod" (millenium)
16 boy from brazil (france) "rubber and fur" CD "pointless shoes" (transsolar)
17 radian (austria/usa) "transistor" CD "juxtaposition" (thrill jockey)

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