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FM Достоевский №704 от 19.09.2010

1 get well soon (germany) "nausea" CD "vexations" (city slang)
2 catherine russell (usa) "all the cats join in" CD "inside this heart of mine" (harmonia mundi)
3 valgeir sigurdsson (iceland) "laxness" CD "draumalandid" (bedroom community)
4 medication (usa) "sacrifice" CD "this town" (hozac)
5 pastels / tenniscoats (uk/japan) "vivid youth" CD "two sunsets" (geographic)
6 lee harvey osmond (canada/usa) "queen bee" CD "a quiet evil" (bad reputation)
7 demdike stare (uk) "jannisary" CD "symbiosis" (modern love)
8 arkul (bosnia&herzegovina) "en la mar" CD "il bastidor" (coast to coast/snail)
9 leda annest & the phil moore orchestra (usa) "portrait of leda, part 1" CD "fantasy for leda" (righteous)
10 the gilded palace of sin (uk) "vony & the plynths" CD "you break our hearts, we'll tear yours out" (central control)
11 zilverzurf (sweden) "in search of a purpose" CD "howling dogs & lost souls" (poets club)
12 dead brothers (switzerland) "drunkard's dream" CD "5th sin-phonie" (voodoo rhythm)
13 amy millan (canada) "finish line" CD "masters of the burial" (arts&crafts)
14 built to spill (usa) "pat" CD "there is no enemy" (atp/r)
15 tempelhof (italy) "fatal familiar insomnia" CD "we were not there for the beginning, we won't be there for the end" (distraction)

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