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FM Достоевский 340 от 20 сентября 2003 года

1. Twinemen (USA) "Signs Of Life" CD "Twinemen" (Cooking Vinyl)
[2 Morphines And A Girl]

2. Trebunie Tutki (Poland) "Nie Patrzie Przez Lupy" CD "Globalista Import - Export" (Trikont)

3. Iso 68 (Germany) "Stoppages/Est Plus" CD "Here/There" (Hausmusik)

4. Azaxx (France) "Launch Party" CD "Launch Party" (La Baleine)

5. The Vanity Set (Australia) "Little Demons" CD "Little Stabs Of Happiness" (Naked Spur)
[1 Caveman And 2 Girls]

6. Eliza Carthy (UK) "Little Gipsy Girl" CD "Anglicana" (Topic)

7. Rot Front (International) "Roboty" CD "Russendisko Hits" (Trikont)

8. King Of Woolworths (UK) "Montparnasse" CD "L`Illustration Musicale" (Mantra)

9. The Bellrays (USA) "You`re Sorry Now" CD "Raw Collection" (Upper Cut)
[Early Kekaula]

10. Fredric Gary Comeau (Canada) "Glacier" CD "Hungry Ghosts" (Audiogramme)
[Cohen's Close Neighbour]

11. Jun Miyake (Japan) "Postcard!" CD "Glam Exotica!" (Nektar)

12. Blues Goblins (USA) "Black Snake Moan" CD "Blues Goblins" (Off)
[Devilish Covers]

13. Bridge & Tunnel (UK) "We Are The Sons" CD "The Great Outdoors" (Surrender)

14. Laura Veirs (USA) "Cannon Fodder" CD "Troubled By The Fire" (Bella Union)
[Sweet Protest]

15. Clube Do Balanco (Brazil) "Paz E Arroz" CD "Samba Swing" (Mr. Bongo)
[Let's Dance Not Go To War]

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FM Достоевский

FM Достоевский 340 от 20 сентября 2003 года : thanks a lot

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