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ФМ Достоевский 348 от 15.11.2003

playlist 348 15.11.2003

1 ralph myerz & the jack herren band (norway) "you never come closer" CD "a special album" (emperor norton)
2 optiganally yours (usa) "poodleman" CD "exclusively talentmaker!" (absolutely kosher)
totally surrealistic take on 50s and sampladelica
3 iren lovasz & makam (hungary) "hull a tel haja" CD "9 colinda" (fono)
hungofolk with progrock hints
4 7-hurtz (uk) "3 sisters" CD "electroleum" (output)
unusually dramatic instrumentals
5 internationals (belgium) "bang bang" CD "the people love it" (wam)
playful ironic ska
6 ennio morricone & dulce pontes (italy/portugal) "renascer" CD "focus" (universal holland)
the queen of fado sings the king of soundtracks
7 momus (uk) "scottish lips" CD "oskar tennis champion" (analog baroque)
8 los belkings (peru) "condenado a muerte" CD "instrumental waves 1966 - 1973" (nuevos medios)
great peruvian surf beat archive
9 guther (germany) "taglieben" CD "i know you know" (morr music)
breezy female krautpop
10 new wet kojak (usa) "something easy" CD "this is the glamorous" (konkurrel)
the sleaziest side of indierock
11 m83 (france) "america" CD "dead cities, red seas & lost ghosts" (gooom)
between air and joy division
12 dhol foundation (uk/india) "tere bina" CD "big drum: small world" (shakti)
beating indofusion w. nat. atlas etc
13 the come 'n go (switzerland) "shave my soul" CD "rhythm 'n blood" (voodoo rhythm)
alpine trash screamers
14 lisa gerrard (uk) "pai calls the whales" CD "whalerider" (4ad)
dead whales can sing
15 orchestra superstring (usa) "silberstrasse" CD "orchestra superstring" (dionysus)
punks play lush lounge exotica

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