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ФМ Достоевский 401 от 27.11.2004

PLAYLIST #401 27.11.2004

1 woven hand (usa) "down in yon forest" CD "consider the birds" (glitterhouse)
more rural gothic from d.e.edwards
2 technova (uk) "my baby is a cactus" CD "electrosexual" (hydrogen jukebox)
dave harrow's sexy beats
3 romano drom vs emil (hungary) "deta devla" CD "romano trip " (gypsyhouse entertainment)
well-done domestic gypsoid remixes
4 un caddie renverse dans l'herbe (france) "www.afrofuturism.net" CD "like a packed cupboard but quite..." (dekorder)
laptop meets exotica
5 hecate's angels (usa) "way with words" CD "saints and scoundrells" (red fly)
stan ridgeway's sidewoman's new wave experiments
6 jansen (germany) "nur ein versehen" CD "fur 10 euro nasse hunde" (rent a dog)
post - elementofcrime deutsche zongwriting cabaret
7 earl zinger (uk) "thames crocodiles" CD "speaker stack commandments" (red egyptian/!k7)
funny swinging hiphop ragga
8 cristina dona feat. robert wyatt (italy) "goccia" CD "cristina dona" (mescal/ryko)
italopop takes alternative twist
9 the mad daddy (usa) "approve of the groove" CD "wavy gravy" (norton)
long dead famous eccentric deejay
10 anonymous 'cham' singer (vietnam) "ba cham bani" CD "music from vietnam 5" (caprice)
remarkable sounds from national minorities
11 hipbone slim (uk) "ain't nobody else" CD "snake pit" (voodoo rhythm)
beat-man's first english signing
12 frost (norway) "running boy" CD "melodica" (frost world)
snegurochka takes a trip
13 the one ensemble of daniel padden (usa/uk) "farewell my porcupine" CD "the owl of fives" (textile)
psychofolk with a sense of humour
14 stijn (belgium) "wiezeddegij?" CD "euphoric" (labels)
like flemish male peaches
15 on! air! library! (usa) "user 28" CD "on! air! library!" (arena rock)
sonic youth-ish moody noise pop
16 slowblow (iceland) "happiness in your face" CD "slowblow" (mobile)
lo-fi electronic vocal something
17 kim i buran (russia) "moscow - rain" CD "kosmos for children" (solnze)
futuristic lounge vignettes

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