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ФМ Достоевский 399 от 13.11.2004

PLAYLIST #399 13.11.2004

1 dead combo (finland) "you don't look so good" CD "dead combo" (output)
another attempt at suicide
2 the creekdippers (usa) "30 miles of petrified logs" CD "mystic theatre" (glitterhouse)
mystic moody americana
3 cobra killer (germany) "l.a. shaker" CD "76/77" (monika)
electropunk cabaret
4 rachid taha (algeria/france) "dima" CD "tekitoi?" (barclay)
modern arab music can't get any better than this!
5 ballroomquartet (belgium) "thera mina" CD "surfing sufi" (bq)
maximally eclectic /surf to sufi/ chamber music
6 color filter (japan) "waiting for the fall" CD "silent way" (pointy)
mellow female jap'chedelic
7 vinny miller (uk) "pigpen" CD "on the block" (4ad)
as if nick drake was produced by aphex twin
8 tom waits (usa) "dead and lovely" CD "real gone" (anti)
waits' best since 92's bone machine
9 wagon christ (uk) "the funnies" CD "sorry if i make you lush" (ninja tune)
playful as usual
10 the national bank (norway) "what is left?" CD "the national bank" (press play)
jaga jazzists accompany songwriter dybdahl
11 mirah with the black cat orchestra (usa) "bella ciao" CD "to all we stretch the open arm" (yoyo)
left-field post-vaudeville
12 dead raven choir (uk) "red sky at morning" CD "death to dead wolves" (jewelled antler)
extreme horror folk
13 brigitte fontaine (france) "sous 200 watts" CD "rue saint louis en l'ile" (virgin)
eccentric chanteuse shines as ever
14 mangu (dominican republic) "chula" CD "mi familia" (naive)
pure well-produced fun
15 alias (usa) "am i cool `now?" CD "muted" (anticon)
post-hiphop; cool indeed
16 soapkills (lebanon) "tango" CD "cheftak" (murex)
eastern music contaminated by western decadence

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