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ФМ Достоевский 398 от 06.11.2004

PLAYLIST #398 06.11.2004

1 workshop (germany) "sieh mal an" CD "yog sothoth" (sonig)
the closest germans can get to insanity without pretending
2 juana molina (usa/mexico) "el perro" CD "segundo" (domino)
latin boleros under electronic treatment
3 flying edward (norway) "one of us" CD "spell your name" (dbut)
much darker than edward grieg
4 nicola conte (italy) "sea and sand" CD "other directions" (schema/blue note)
shamelessly bourgeoise jazz
5 tien shan - suisse express (switzerland/russia/mongolia/kyrgyztan) "talim salhi" CD "tien shan - suisse express" (lawine)
alps meet tien shan in throat-jodel extasy
6 lucien-n-luciano (france/italy) "la ondita" CD "blind behaviour" (peace frog)
southern soft techno
7 iron + wine (usa) "teeth in the grass" CD "our endless numbered days" (sub pop)
hi fi lo fi
8 various/sun city girls (india/usa) "eternal finale" CD "radio india: the eternal dream of sound" (sublime frequencies)
bishop bros indian radio mix
9 rene aubry (france) "tout le plaisir est pour moi" CD "projection privee" (hopi mesa)
positively beautiful
10 timesbold (usa) "wings on a girl" CD "eye eye" (tin drum/glitterhouse)
college rock with post-rockish sound
11 kelli ali (uk) "in praise of shadows" CD "psychic cat" (one little indian)
gothic pop
12 skwatta kamp (south africa) "umoya" CD "mzansi music" (trikont)
soweto youth goes hip & hop
13 thou (belgium) "no love" CD "i like girls in russia" (ha')
trippy guitar rock, no russians though
14 skalpel (poland) "1958" CD "skalpel" (ninja tune)
nu be bop
15 les georges leningrad (canada) "lollipop lady" CD "deux hot dogs moutarde chou" (alien 8)
wow! crazy beefheartian answer to constellation zanudstvo
16 fila brazilia (uk) "in the kingdom of sound" CD "the life and times of phoebus brumal" (23)
downtempo pioneers display conceptual ambitions

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