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Ars longa, vita brevis

ФМ Достоевский 397 от 30.10.2004

PLAYLIST #397 30.10.2004

1 komeda (sweden) "brother" CD "kokomemedada" (minty fresh)
between abba and st.etienne - sdelano s umom i chuvstvom
2 bayrisch diatonischer jodelwahnsinn (germany) "demoskopen" CD "sagenlieb" (lawine)
brechtische satirische jodeltrio
3 angel corpus christi (usa) "i'm a believer" CD "accordeon pop vol. 1" (gulcher)
from the punk accordeon archives
4 molasses (canada) "trouble in mind" CD "trouble at jinx hotel" (alien 8)
between godspeed and giant sand; 4th album
5 vendetta (france) "aimer" CD "l'humeur vagabonde: hommage a jeanne moreau" (sergent major)
eclectic tribute to the great singing actress
6 avey tare (uk) "crumbling land" CD "split series 9-16" (fat cat)
compilation of fat cat's experimental 12-inchers
7 stella (germany) "the first and the last day of love" CD "better days sounds great" (l'age d'or)
well-known indie rockers
8 luther&toby (usa) "lucrezia borgia waltz" CD "karny sutra" (hit thing)
hammond/percussion avant-lounge
9 kinobe (uk) "tired heart" CD "wide open" (zomba)
juicy lush downtempo
10 fifty foot combo (belgium) "the snap-fastener" CD "ghent-bxl" (drunkabilly)
weirdo punkish surf
11 seafood (uk) "good reason" CD "as the cry flows" (cooking vinyl)
melancholy indie
12 clare fader &the vaudevillains (usa) "catch of the day" CD "seventh and trade" (raconteur)
cabaret americana
13 felix kubin (germany) "fernwarme wien" CD "matki wandalki" (a-musik)
tongue-in-cheek electronic post-dadaism (nicely put, eh?)
14 stavely makepiece (uk) "give me that pistol" CD "the scrap iron rhythm revue" (rpm)
as if einsturzende neubauten played mungo jerry
15 lidia pujol (spain) "que despierte la novia" CD "iaie" (resistencia)
folklore iberico mucho passionario
16 the eternals (usa) "the beat is too original" CD "rawar style" (aesthetics)
intellectual post-rockish hiphop

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