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ФМ Достоевский 395 от 16.10.2004

PLAYLIST #395 16.10.2004

1 stan ridgeway (usa) "monsters of the id" CD "snakebite: blacktop ballads and fugitive songs" (red fly)
ex-wall of voodoo frontman maintaining his cult status
2 momus & anne laplantine (uk/germany) "fingal martin's mistress" CD "summerisle" (analog baroque)
gallant lo-fi baroque electronica
3 kristian blak & yggdrasil (faroe islands) "nattina eftir friggjanat" CD "yggdrasil" (tutl)
dark folk/jazz
4 gorki (belgium) "elektronica voor geliefden" CD "plan b" (lipstick notes)
quirky kontinentahl indirok
5 los fancy free (mexico) "menonita disco" CD "menonita rock" (bungalow)
menonita whatever... hot latin electric
6 x27 (usa) "ride me" CD "your new favourite band" (narnack)
girl vocalised postpunk hysteria
7 lone pigeon (uk) "boats" CD "schooozzzmmii" (cargo)
weird songwriting from part-beta band loony
8 rhythm king and her friends (germany) "shock" CD "i am disco" (kitty-yo)
yet another chapter in the feminist elecrto saga
9 4walls (usa/holland) "im rhein" CD "which side are you on" (red note)
phil minton & friends muso-political eccentricities
10 tom recchion (usa) "truckers carousel" CD "i love my organ" (birdman)
as if terry riley played in circus
11 pink grease (uk) "fever" CD "this is for real" (mute)
sensous neo-garage rock
12 lu passagalle (italy) "scura maje" CD "tribu italiche: abruzzo" (edt)
my pick from the latest volume of excellent italian folk series
13 scarlett's well (uk) "the dream spider of the laughing horse" CD "the dream spider of the laughing horse" (siesta)
4th album in bid's indiepop faitytale series
14 wax tailor (france) "we have lost the way" CD "lost the way" (lab'oratoire)
gospel/blues under electronic treatment
15 mantler (canada) "stronger than action allows" CD "landau" (tomlab)
as if elton john was on warp records
16 the beeps (usa) "fragile" CD "music for awkward situations" (ilegalia)
... for adult situations

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