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ФМ Достоевский 363 от 06.03.2004

PLAYLIST #363 06.03.2004
1 dzeltnie pastnieki (latvia) "kaka dziesma" CD "kakis" (ib)
cult soviet electropop pioneers make long-awaited comeback
2 phony (germany) "i'm on my way" CD "first love..." (firestation tower)
das ist romantisch!
3 lumen (uk) "pearls" CD "this day and age" (ghost train)
pinkie maclure's new electro-acoustic project
4 the legendary shack shakers (usa) "shakerag holler" CD "cockadoodledon't" (bloodshot)
the wildest and funniest take on country music, ever!
5 royce (usa) "i know you're nervous" CD "subtleties of the game" (galapagos4)
psychedelic lounge or trippy avant-hop?
6 luke (denmark) "hey you" CD "luke" (superstar)
quality nordic indie-pop
7 terry edwards&the scapegoats (uk) "the king of the cheap thing" CD "plays, salutes and executes" (sartorial)
the english king of the sleaze sax
8 jacques (uk) "butterbaby" CD "roses for ashes" (acuarela)
torch song decadent
9 the ecstasy of saint theresa (czech republic) "local distortion" CD "slowthinking" (escape)
like bjork gone extreme
10 lab o (france) "the skeleton eye" CD "derriere la pluie" (mille milliards)
dub surf!
11 the twilight singers (usa) "st.gregory" CD "blackberry belle" (one little indian)
dark americana from the ex-afghan wigs frontman
12 vicnet (france) "i want to buy your love" CD "vic-cd" (deco)
robotic madness
13 los amigos invisibles (venezuela) "majunche" CD "the venezuelan zinga son vol 1" (long lost brother)
latino lounge kitsch
14 mosquitos (usa) "preguica" CD "mosquitos" (bar none)
sweet cocktail bossa
15 fort dax (uk) "oxenfolly" CD "folly" (tugboat)
gnac-ish melotronica

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