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ФМ Достоевский 359 от 07.02.2004

PLAYLIST #359 07.02.2004

1 hallanallah (finland) "musta laku" CD "agraarirockia" (smart art)
pagan folk surf - seriously weird
2 the davey brothers (uk) "sweet fucked up love" CD "the davey brothers" (davey bros)
early stones meet jon spencer
3 desert sessions 9&10 (usa/uk) "powdered wig machine" CD "i see you hearin me/i heart disco" (ipecac)
pj harvey welcomed by queens of stone age
4 jean-claude vannier (france) "danse de l'enfant et du roi des mouches" CD "l'enfant assassin des mouches" (night&day)
black humour suite with gainsbourg libretto
5 porch ghouls (usa) "fly in the coffin" CD "bluff city ruckus" (roman)
dirty white blues
6 chica&the folder (germany/chile) "tibettepich" CD "42 madchen" (monika)
electroethnic lo-fi
7 do make say think (canada) "horns of a rabbit" CD "winter hymn country hymn secret hymn" (constellation)
lumberjack post-rock
8 norma (russia) "ocean" CD "middle tempo" (normality)
cold-weather downtempo
9 manos hadjikakis - k.bhta (greece) "three girls from thebes" CD "transformations" (sirius)
remarkable electronic reworks of classic contemporary pieces
10 diamanda galas (usa) "artemis" CD "defixiones/will and testament" (mute)
barely arranged covers
11 caia (uk) "the rose room" CD "the magic dragon" (guidance)
trendy dubby electro
12 firewater (usa) "the vegas strip" CD "the man on the burning tightrope" (jet set)
circus cabaret swing
13 robin guthrie (uk) "crossing the line" CD "imperial" (bella union)
instrumental cocteau-isms
14 micatone (germany) "quiet boy" CD "is you is" (sonar kollektiv)
tender nu-jazz
15 albin de la simon (france) "avant tout, i want you" CD "albin de la simone" (virgin)
chansons humouristique et sexy

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