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ФМ Достоевский 454 от 04.12.2005

PLAYLIST #454 04.12.2005

1 schwabiggrad ballet (germany) "ice berthold brecht" CD "schwabiggrad ballet" (staubgold)
2 roberto poveda (cuba) "sueno mama" CD "son electrico" (alg)
3 magnolia electric co (usa) "the night shift lullaby" CD "what comes after the blues" (secretly canadian)
4 f.e.s. (belgium) "o.p.e.n.e.r." CD "isms" (ipecac)
5 caroline martin (uk) "i died" CD "i had a hundred more reasons to stay by the fire" (smalldog)
6 viva voce (usa) "free nude celebs" CD "the heat can melt your brain" (minty fresh)
7 matthew herbert (uk) "celebrity" CD "plat du jour" (accidental)
8 ofo & the black company (ghana) "allah wakbar" CD "love's a real thing" (luaka bop)
african 60/70s psychedelic compilation
9 bombay 1 (germany) "oh non - pas moi" CD "strobl" (gronland)
10 dead cowboys (uk) "twin evil stars" CD "twin evil stars" (the boutique)
11 marissa nadler (usa) "old love haunts me in the morning" CD "the saga of mayflower may" (beautiful happiness)
12 daikaiju (usa) "attack of the crab women" CD "daikaiju" (reptile)
13 mashal arman (afghanistan/france) "o yar katit darom" CD "earth and ashes" (sound of world)
afghan film soundtrack
14 nikolay kopernik (russia) "dymki" CD "rodina" (nk)
1986 album re-issue
15 colleen (france) "floating in the clearest sea" CD "the golden morning breaks" (leaf)
16 la mascara snake (norway) "badman" CD "...goes fishing" (osito)
17 vibracathedral orchestra (uk) "stole some sentimental jewelry" CD "tuning to the rooster" (important)

Данный выпуск длинной в 32 минуты.

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