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Seance 1030 25.07.2022

theAdelaidean — against all expectations/nothing but itself (exctract) [Eternity is, Projekt 2022]
theAdelaidean — the final stroke of midnight/on all hallows’ eve [Eternity is, Projekt 2022]
Peter Phippen — The old Ways [Into the Ancient, Projekt 2022]
TheAdelaidean & Deepspace — Eidolon [Antigravity, Projekt 2021]
Aarktica & Black Tape For A Blue Girl — Valley of the Roses [Eating Rose Petals, Projekt 2020]
Sam Rosenthal w/Nick Shadow & Steve Roach — Gesture 03…and Watch the Galaxy turning [The Gesture of History, Projekt 2019]
Jeffrey Koepper — Whirl [Transmitter, Projekt 2017]
Stratosphere — Explore [Rise, Projekt 2016]

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