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ФМ Достоевский 451 от 13.11.2005

Playlist #451 13.11.2005

1. motion trio (poland) "pageant" CD "pictures from the street" (akordeonus/asphalt tango)
2. papa m (usa) "beloved woman" CD "whatever, mortal" (drag city/domino)
european re-issue
3. the futureheads (uk) "man ray" CD "the futureheads" (679)
4. koenjihyakkei (japan) "tziidall raszhisst " CD "angherr shisspa" (skin graft)
5. xavier rudd (canada) "shelter" CD "solace" (salt x)
6. cristian vogel (germany) "typewriter of the dead" CD "station 55" (nova mute)
7. monica queen (uk) "along the river" CD "return of the sacred heart" (fire)
8. cubanito 20.02 (cuba) "miente a lo cubano" CD "tocame" (lusafrica)
9. silver mount zion (canada) "god bless our dead marines" CD "horses in the sky" (constellation)
10. chantana (thailand) "changwah disco" CD "thai beat a go go vol 3" (subliminal sounds)
11. angels of light (usa) "dawn" CD "angels of light sing 'other people'" (young god)
12. kate wax (switzerland/germany) "killing your ghost" CD "reflections of the dark heart" (mental groove)
13. cherubs (norway) "adult video/chinese food" CD "uncovered by heartbeat" (cargo)
14. by coastal cafe (sweden) "i wish" CD "old cartoons" (earsugar)
15. j-l murat (france) "nixon" CD "mockba/moscou" (labels)
16. the tuna helpers (usa) "ready to begin" CD "i'll have what she's having" (web of mimicry)
17. mark van hoen (uk) "since tomorrow will come" CD "the warmth inside you" (locust sound)

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