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Seance 962 08.03.2021

Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist — -3°C [Still, Glacial Movements 2021]
Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist — Hoarfrost [Still, Glacial Movements 2021]
Chihei Hatakeyama & Dirk Serries — Breen [Black Frost, Glacial Movements 2020]
Equal Stones — A Fire long extinguished [Below Zero, Glacial Movements 2019]
Tropic Of Coldness — They rested then blossomed [Framed Waves, Glacial Movements 2018]
Bvdub — With broken Wings and Giants Tall [Epilogues for the End of the Sky, Glacial Movements 2017]
Aria Rostami & Daniel Blomquist — Ridge B ~76° S ~94.75° E ~3750m [Wandering Eye, Glacial Movements 2016]

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