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Seance 900 16.12.2019

David Helpling — Free Dive [ᛚ (RUNE), Spotted Peccary 2019]
David Helpling — Isle in Half Light [ᛚ (RUNE), Spotted Peccary 2019]
Sverre Knut Johansen W/ David Helpling — Abiogenesis [The Vast Expanse, Spotted Peccary 2018]
David Helpling — Souls in the Sky [A Sea without Memory, Spotted Peccary 2017]
David Helpling & Jon Jenkins — Found ft. Miriam Stockley [Found, Spotted Peccary 2013]
David Helpling & Jon Jenkins — The same Sky [The Crossing, Spotted Peccary 2010]
David Helpling & Jon Jenkins — Grand Collision [Treasure, Spotted Peccary 2007]
David Helpling — Moon Dreaming Thunder [Sleeping on the Edge of the World, Spotted Peccary 1999]
David Helpling — End of an Era [Between Green and Blue, Spotted Peccary 1996]

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