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Super Ultra 8-in-1

ФМ Достоевский 426 от 21.05.2005

PLAYLIST #426 21.05.2005

1 tarwater (germany) "unseen in the disco" CD "the needle was travelling" (morr music)
2 50 foot wave (usa) "long painting" CD "50 foot wave" (4ad)
kristin hersh's new band
3 ska cubano (cuba) "babalu" CD "ska cubano" (cajino)
4 andrew pekler (usa) "here comes the night" CD "nocturnes, false dawns and breakdowns" (scape)
5 warren suicide (germany) "twelve" CD "warren suicide" (leiternfabrik)
6 woodbine (uk) "cop on" CD "best before end" (domino)
7 el muniria (italy) "dentro questo bicchiere" CD "stanza 218" (homesleep)
8 king khan & his shrines (canada) "take a trip" CD "billiards at nine thirty" (sounds of subterrania!)
split album with the dirtbombs
9 arkhip i jego alisa (russia) "10 B" CD "tak i sluchilos'" (snegiri)
10 the hellblinki sextet (usa) "...comes to this" CD "a pirate broadcast" (weirdhead)
11 marissa nadler (uk) "stallions" CD "ballads of living and dying" (eclipse)
12 schnaftl ufftschik und gaste (germany) "die grosse schwartze mit dem blonden schuh" CD "hotcooltur" (raumer)
13 rare moods (france) "a kind of fool" CD "peace in da neighbourhood" (comet)
14 anthony (uk) "the sad streets" CD "neu york" (secret crush)
a.reynolds of jack and jaques
15 alif (senegal) "rethiou" CD "dekamerap" (out/here)
16 redressers (usa) "sub rosa" CD "to each according..." (free porcupine society)
members of sleepytime g.m., animal collective etc
17 sterling roswell (uk) "girl from orbit" CD "psychedelic ubik" (mint microdot)
guitarist from spacemen 3

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