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ФМ Достоевский 409 от 22.01.2005

Playlist #409 22.01.2005

1. kaada (norway) "la la" CD "mecd" (wea norway)
sampledelic cabaret... quite unique!
2. azita (usa) "yours for today" CD "life on the fly" (drag city)
joni mitchell meets post-rock
3. the pink sexies (uk) "shake" CD "rock and roll moustache ride" (wrecked)
garage sleazeballs
4. marianne maans (finland) "liten viso dansor" CD "marianne maans" (fmi)
maria kalaniemi's soul sister
5. burch renders & reducers mama (switzerland/germany) "coup soleil" CD "theatermusik" (domizil)
wonderfully inventive & melodic electronica
6. giant sand (usa) "miss" CD "is all over the map" (thrill jockey)
this time produced by john parish
7. te vaka (new zealand/samoa) "tofa e" CD "tutuki" (spirit of play)
funky aboriginal pop-folk
8. cursor miner (uk) "me and my clone" CD "plays god" (lo)
as if kraftwerk attempted at electropunk
9. romica puceanu (romania) "ileana, ileana" CD "suburban bucharest" (trikont)
romanian kabak retrospective
10. the icarus line (usa) "spit on it" CD "penance soiree" (v2)
among the wildest post-punks
11. picastro (canada) "night of long knives" CD "red your blues" (monotreme)
moody, weird and girl sings
12. brath (spain) "caminho velho" CD "rodeira" (sons galiza)
galician (that's near portugal) ethno-rock
13. hanin elias (germany/usa) "city lights" CD "future noir" (fatal)
hanin grew up into electro-lydia (lunch)
14. dijf sanders (belgium) "sartre's rumblefest" CD "mating season" (clone)
very funny instrumentals in no particular style
15. racine (uk) "grease monkey" CD "number one" (pia-k)
wendy james formerly of transvision vamp, self-produced
16. the special agents (usa) "the lunar sea" CD "wilson chance - the sound of danger" (hammondbeat)
spy surf themes for a fictitious movie

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