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Seance 592 02.09.2013

FIBREFORMS - Aubade [Treedrums (re/lux), Infraction 2013]
LANTSCAP - Astrail Plain [Varying Degrees of Alive, Infraction 2013]
LANTSCAP - Mr. Bonnet [Varying Degrees of Alive, Infraction 2013]
DRAPE - Solo in high Dreary [An Idea and its Map, Infraction 2012]
KEITH BERRY - You left me behind - But I can swim. [The Ear that was sold to a Fish, Infraction 2011]
BEN FLEURY-STEINER - Blue Sonar [Keep a Weather Eye open, Infraction 2010]
ALIO DIE & AGLAIA – PRIVATE HISTORY OF THE CLOUDS - Cumulus congestus [Private History of the Clouds, Infraction 2009]
ADAM PACIONE - Warming Trend [From Stills to Motion. Infraction 2007]
KILN - Strophe [Thermals. Infraction 2005]

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