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FM Достоевский 353 от 27 декабря 2003 года

1. People Like Us / Wobbly / Matmos (USA/UK) "Cattle Call" CD "Wide Open Spaces" (Tigerbeat 6)
[Cowboys Raped By Plunderphonics]

2. Edgar De L`Est (France) "Hommage A Carmen" CD "Les Vacances" (Samedi Soir)

3. Pierre Crube (Canada) "Intense Rick" CD "Immediate False Relief" (Angelika Kohlermann)
[Big Musical Ideas Through Toy Instruments]

4. Breathless (UK) "Nobody Knows" CD "Behing The Light" (Tenor Vossa)
[Between Indie And Gothic]

5. Tipi & Sylvester Stallone (Finland) "Mummin Kumilapaset" CD "Cafe Veijon Baari" (Radiomafia)
[Ultimate D-i-y Weirdness]

6. David Byrne (USA) "Seaside Smokes" CD "Lead Us Not Into Temptation" (Thrill Jockey)

7. Angie Reed (Germany) "Psychic Dick" CD "Presents The Best Of Barbara Brockhouse" (Chicks On Speed)
[Follows Peaches]

8. Drunk Horse (USA) "Ascention Strut" CD "Adult Situations" (Sweet Nothing)
[Porno Rock, Great Booklet]

9. Joyce & Banda Maluca (Brazil) "Pause, Bitte" CD "Just A Little Bit Crazy" (Far Out)
[Tender Bossa]

10. The Mountain Goats (USA) "See America Right" CD "Talahassee" (4AD)
[16hp/mojave3/lift To Exp....]

11. Patrick Pulsinger (Austria) "All Bengali" CD "Easy To Assemble, Hard To Take Apart" (Cheap)
[Louie Austen Master Treats Free Jazz In The Same Way]

12. Alice Texas (USA) "Coney Island" CD "Sad Days" (Fargo)
[Trip - Country]

13. Dish Hunt (Holland) "Bad Man Is Good News" CD "Maybe Home" (Ten To One)
["dubby Guitar Rock; Unusual"]

14. Cantodiscanto (Italy) "Dint` E Fora" CD "Malmediterraneo" (Forrest Hill)

15. The Vanduras (USA) "Theme For Troubled Teens" CD "In The Dark" (Pascal)
[Beautiful Lazy Surf]

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