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FM Достоевский 352 от 20 декабря 2003 года

1. Peaches (Canada) "Tombstone, Baby" CD "Fatherfucker" (XL)
[No-vaseline Rockabilly]

2. The Good Life (USA) "Empty Bed" CD "Black Out" (Saddle Creek)
[Romantic Side Of Sex]

3. Mellow (France) "Airplane" CD "Dragonfly" (Atmospheriques)
[Well-done 60s Soundtrack Reconstruction]

4. Peppe Barra (Italy) "Ballata Del Re" CD "Guerra" (Temposphere)
[Classic Italian Canzona With Electronic Mutation]

5. Paddy McAloon (UK) "...But We Were Happy" CD "I Trawl The Megahertz" (Liberty)
[80s Indie Icon Writes Beautiful Classical Pieces]

6. Oumou Sangare (Mali) "Yala" CD "Oumou" (World Circuit)
[Mali's Best]

7. Prefuse 73 (USA) "The End Of Biters - International" CD "One Word Extinguisher" (Warp)
[Radical Hip Hop Indeed]

8. Simentera (Cabo Verde) "Tchiga Pa Mi" CD "Tradictional De Mario Lucio" (Celluloid)
[Cabo Verde's Best]

9. Imitation Electric Piano (USA) "Don`t Tell Me I`M Wrong (But You Are)" CD "Trinity Neon" (Drag City)
[At Last - Post-rock With A Human Face]

10. Hellfire (Germany) "Kuscheln" CD "Heaven Don`t Want You? Hellfire Will Take You!" (Kollaps / Hausmusik)
[Less Electro, More Punk]

11. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (UK) "The Bridge" CD "Tantric Lover" (Voiceprint)
[New Stuff - And Still Sounds Great!]

12. Trash Palace (France) "Mary" CD "Positions" (Discograph)
[Tons Of Seedy Sleaze]

13. Plastilina Mosh (Mexico) "Oxidados" CD "Hola Chicuelos" (EMI Mexico)
[Roll Over Castaneda!]

14. Cat Sun Flower (Germany) "Love, Love Surrounded By Devils" CD "European Cuts" (Redwinetunes)
[As If Tindersticks Were Continental And Had Girl Singer]

15. Tommy Guerrero (USA) "Falling Awake" CD "Soul Food Taqueria" (Mo`Wax)
[Hip Hop Takes A Break And Goes To Sleep]

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