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FM Достоевский 344 от 18 октября 2003 года

1. Lost Treasures (International) "Monster Bitches" CD "Lost Treasures" (Make Some Noise)
[Gonzalez, Peaches I Dr. Monstrously Hip-hopping]

2. Salsa Celtica (UK) "El Sol De La Noche" CD "El Agua De La Vida" (Greentrax)
[Funny Cubascots]

3. Saturday Looks Good To Me (USA) "Alcohol" CD "All Your Summer Songs" (Polyvinyl)
[Swinging Indie-pop With A Post-rock Twist]

4. Takeo Tayama (Japan) "Hello Years" CD "Hello 88" (Karaoke Kalk / Japan Overseas)
[Childish Dreamy Japatronica]

5. Dance Disaster Movement (USA) "I Want Your Sass" CD "We Are From Nowhere" (Dim Mak)
[No Wave Revival Well Done]

6. Kay McCarthy (Ireland/Italy) "A Sword Of Steel" CD "Stormy Lullaby" (EDT)
[Dark Harpist/singer]

7. Zeigenbock Kopf (USA/Germany) "Sex With A Man" CD "Nocturnal Submissions" (Tigerbeat6)

8. Julie Marsellaise (Tunisia) "Yama N`Chauf Haja Tegennen" CD "Hot Women" (Kein & Aber)
[R. Crumb's Compilation Of 20-30s Femmes Fatales]

9. Ten Grand (UK) "Wedding Song For Steve & Angie" CD "This Is The Way To Rule" (Southern)
[Serious Post-punk]

10. Jacques Tati / Mr. Untel (France) "Et Bien N`Est-Ce Pas" CD "Les Remixes" (Les Filmes De Mon Oncle / Naive)
[Lounge Music's Last Frontier]

11. Beaumont (UK) "En Plears" CD "Tiara" (Siesta)
[Lush Camp-ish Cosmo-pop]

12. Fritz Ostermayer (Austria) "Hunger: Der Rausch In Der Revolte" CD "Kitsch Concrete" (Mego)
[The Album Of The Year]

13. Lisa Germano (USA) "It`s Party Time" CD "Lullaby For Liquid Pig" (Artist Direct)
[Seriously Sleepy]

14. Van Oehlen / Mayo Thompson (USA) "Child" CD "Rock&Roll Is Here To Die" (Blue Chopsticks)
[Experimental Veteran Blasphemies]

15. Rework (Germany) "October Love Song" CD "Fall Right Now" (Playhouse)
[Chris&cosey Under Modern Treatment]

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