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FM Достоевский 339 от 13 сентября 2003 года

1. Client (UK) "Price Of Love" CD "Client" (Hawaii Toast / Mute)
[Female Erasure]

2. The Hunches (USA) "Chainsawdomy" CD "Yes.No.Shut It." (In The Red)
[Just Great Loud Epileptic]

3. Urbalia Rurana & Maurizio Martinotti (Spain/Italy) "La Pastora E Il Lupo" CD "Territoris Amables" (Resistencia)

4. Wevie De Crepon (UK) "Puppa Kambi" CD "The Age Old Age Of Old Age" (Sonig)
[Between Matmos And The Residents]

5. Fay Lovsky (Holland) "Coca Mambo" CD "[Maze Of Mirrors]" (Basta)

6. Центр (USA/Russia) "Вход По Билетам" CD "Молодойнамолодой" (Www.Centromania.Com)
[The Best Modern Russian Music Artist - Without A Shadow Of Doubt]

7. Paijit Aksornnarong (Thailand) "Sao Na Sang Fan" CD "Lukthung And Morlan: The Hidden Sounds Of Asia" (WMN)

8. Chlorgeschlecht (Germany) "Ostkatzi" CD "Unyoga" (Deco)
[The Extreme Of The Extreme]

9. The Movies (USA) "Truth Knocking" CD "In One Era Out The Other" (Houston Party)
[Juicy Slice Of Lo-fi Pop]

10. Bed (France) "Wondertalk" CD "Spacebox" (Ici D`Ailleurs)

11. Baxter Feat. Fleshquartet (Sweden) "Got To Wake Up" CD "About This" (S 56)
[Art Trip Pop]

12. Rotoskop Feat. Foetus (Germany) "Paging Dr. Strong" CD "Revolution: Lost" (Nois-O-Lution)
[Electro-kraut With Impressive Guest Singers]

13. Martina Sobrara (Canada) "Better Man" CD "The Cure For Bad Seeds" (Nettwerk)
[Classy Sad Songs]

14. Sir Dupermann (Norway) "Electron City Zoo" CD "Sir Dupermann" (Smalltown Supersound)
[Stunning Electronica!]

15. Daara J (Senegal) "Boomrang" CD "Boomrang" (Bmg Africa)
[Hilarious Rapping]

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