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FM Достоевский 335 от 16 августа 2003 года

1. El Hula (New Zealand) "Eyes Of Blue" CD "Violent Love" (Things To Come / Glowb)
[Bowie-esque Cave-ish]

2. Gold Chains (USA) "What Are We Looking For" CD "Young Miss America" (PIAS)
[Fun-driven Avant-hop]

3. Natasha Atlas (UK) "Daymalhum" CD "Something Dangerous" (Mantra)
[Natasha's Best To Date]

4. Alexandre Varlet (France) "L`Amour Epingle" CD "Dragueuse De Fond" (Olympic Disk)
[Chanson Tres Galant]

5. Guitar (Germany/Japan) "How So Bright Of Universe" CD "Sunkissed" (Morr Music)
[Psych Guitar Meets Jap-pop]

6. Abdeljalil Kodssi (Palestine) "Kalbi Skim Palestina" CD "Mimoun" (Ventilador)
[Intifada Downtempo]

7. Supreme Beings Of Leisure (USA) "Freezer" CD "Divine Operating System" (Palm Pictures)
[Go Electropop On The 2nd Album]

8. Kammerflimmer Kollektief (Germany) "Blood" CD "Cicadidae" (Staubgold)
[Kraut's Answer To Godspeed - Really Impressive]

9. The Venue (Sweden) "Love Monster" CD "Mmhm!" (Bella Union)
[Juicy 60-s Style Trash]

10. Susanne Brokesch (USA/Germany) "Bel Air Mix 2" CD "So Easy, Hard To Practice" (Disko B)
[Witty Eclectic Electronica]

11. An Pierle (Belgium) "Sister" CD "Helium Sunset" (Helicopter / Artful)
[Passionate Art-pop]

12. I Am Spartacus (UK) "This Bear Just Keeps On Drinking" CD "Forward!" (Gringo)
[Geographic Adventures In Post-rock]

13. Sergio Godinho With Rui Veloso (Portugal/Brazil) "O Galo E O Dono Dos Ovos" CD "O Irmao Do Meio" (EMI)
[Portugese Songwriter With All-star Cast From Brazil And Cabo Verde]

14. Tomahawk (USA) "Capt. Midnight" CD "Mit Gas" (Ipecac)
[M. Patton's Metal Mainstream]

15. Colditz (UK) "Deranged Life" CD "We Are Animals" (Psychiatric / Creeping Bent)
[Lo-fi Experimentation With Some Truly Psychiatric Overtones]

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